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Created or Creator

Are we created or do we create our world or is it a mix of both? We will explore the words of the father of Religious Humanism and Unitarian Minister John Dietrich in his 1928 sermon about how the Gods were created as well as the words of Unitarian Minister William Ellery Channing addressing our […]

Creation and Creativity Can Be Messy

Life can be messy but there can be such beauty in that too. If we take time to slow down and notice what is really there rather than rushing to fix it or redefine it we may open ourselves up to wonder that we could not have previously imagined. Sunday services: In-person or virtually on […]

Creating the Future

The theme this month is Creativity and that can take so many different forms! Creating the future takes creative vision and commitment. Today we will formally dedicate our new Audio-Visual system and welcome our new Tech Specialist. Sunday services: In-person or virtually on Vimeo.Click here to view the Vimeo Live Services