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How Can We Love and Change Our World?

Complaining and blaming are natural responses to feelings of fear and anger. This service will explore how we can lovingly enter our peaceful center, connect with those who see the world differently, co-create shared solutions and all celebrate more sustainable, satisfying lives. Sunday services: In-person or virtually on Vimeo.Click here to view the Vimeo Live […]

Gratitude, Grief, & Thanksgiving Tea

For many people, Thanksgiving is a holiday that centers the sharing of food and warmth with friends and family. For others, it is a time of remembering and grieving the severe erasure of indigenous people and much of their histories. What does Thanksgiving or Thanksgrieving mean to you? How do we live in the tension […]

Water Connects Us – Wilderness Immersion Kayaking on Florida’s Apalachicola River

How a wilderness immersion kayaking trip helps people “disconnect to reconnect,” forge new friendships, cultivate joy and more fully recognize the connections and biodiversity all around us. Georgia Ackerman reflects on a decade of leading annual expeditions on Florida’s remarkable Apalachicola River. Join us to hear about the lessons taught by the River. Sunday services: […]