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Fathering Flames of Renewal

Join us this Sunday to honor Father’s Day and explore the cycles of renewal in creation. We’ll delve into the longleaf pine ecosystem, where prescribed burns aid in nature’s renewal. Just as fire fosters biodiversity, paternal guidance helps us grow and heal through life’s challenges. Through stories, songs, and reflections, we’ll celebrate the resilience and […]

Buddhist Dragon Girl: A Journey of Renewal and Transformation

Join us for an uplifting journey of renewal and transformation, inspired by the wisdom of Buddhism and the extraordinary story of the Dragon Girl. Rev. E.N. will share personal reflections on how the text of the Lotus Sutra served as a catalyst for their own spiritual growth, inviting us to reflect on texts or teachings […]

Renewing Questions: Faith’s Call to Reflection & Joy

Join us this Sunday for a multigenerational worship service, inspired by Rev. Scott Tayler’s insightful words: “To be a people of renewal is to ask not simply, ‘How do I refresh?’ but also ‘How do I return?’ The challenge of life is not just about moving forward but moving forward without losing touch with all […]