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Beauty of Community

This Sunday, we welcome and celebrate the newest members of the congregation. Our vision statement reminds us that we are a community of communities diverse in body and spirit. To more fully live into this as a congregation we strive to create a space where people can bring their whole selves. You now have the opportunity

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Nurturing Beauty

This month we explore the notion of beauty – the beauty of the natural world and the beauty of human diversity. As Unitarian Universalists we strive to create a more just and loving world that truly embraces all. You now have the opportunity to attend worship in person (no reservations required) and virtually via Zoom.

May WE Love and Disrupt Stigma

Mental Health and Mental Illness have an impact on everyone in some way. Stigma is not only harmful it is discriminatory and can be deadly when it prevents people from seeking the help they need. Awareness and acceptance is essential so we may support and hold one another as fully as possible. You now have the

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