What Difference Can the 8th Principle Make at UUCT?

There is no simple formula on how a congregation should begin living into the 8th Principle. There is no one right way to work at building a diverse multicultural Beloved Community, no simple answer as to how to dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions. It is up to us as individuals and as a community.

Here’s information on some next steps from meetings of the UUCT 8th Principle Implementation Team. Please share your thoughts and suggestions.  

Those of us who volunteered to work on implementing the 8th Principle started by setting a personal action plan. In our recent workgroup, Rosa Morgan shared a quote from the Antiracist Table Resource Guide, “No matter what race you are, the work of being an Antiracist is challenging. We have all been exposed to systemic anti-Black conditioning. Overcoming takes intention and daily action, which can be mentally exhausting… As we’re battling racism, we need fortification. We need to do what we can to tend to our mental health and well-being… Set your intention to support yourself and each other as we move forward.”

After we set our personal plan, we outlined a draft action plan for UUCT that will be revised and refined going forward. The plan has five broad goals and the beginning steps towards achieving them.

The first goal is to become a congregation of radical hospitality and inclusion, first steps will include:

Other goals that are identified include, living our values in the community, strengthening the communities within UUCT, funding things that support our values, and learning how to engage in healthy conflict. 

You are invited to attend our next meeting of the 8th Principle Implementation Team, Saturday, February 18,, at 10:30 via Zoom. For more information, email 8thPrinciple@UUTallahassee.org.

The ideas and suggestions you contribute will inform and refine the draft Action Plan.