Our 5th UU Principle states that we affirm and promote the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. We take this responsibility seriously at UUCT. UUCT members vote to fill board positions as well as important issues facing the congregation.


We have several standing and ad-hoc committees which help the congregation accomplish specific tasks or goals.

Helpful Reference Documents

UUCT Covenant of Right Relations
The Covenant is a guide to positive and respectful communications among congregation members.

UUCT Media Guide – May 2016
The Media Guide is a resource for promoting UUCT events.

UUCT Manual of Policies and Procedures – April 2021
This 118-page document guides church organization, outlines responsibilities of members and committees and covers other topics related to church business and programs.

UUCT Manual of Policies and Procedures Appendices

April 2022 Language updates in UUCT documents

Appendix_1 – _Bylaws_Jul_2013, updated 4/21/2022

Appendix_2 – Guidelines_for_Decisions_Oct_2011 

Appendix_3A – Communication_Guidelines_Oct_2011 

Appendix_4 – Procedures_for_Adopting_Resolutions_Oct_2011 

Appendix_4C – Resolution_re_Welcoming_Cong_Oct_2011 

Appendix_5 – Facility_Use_Agreement_and_Info_Oct 2011 

Appendix_7 – Safety_Policies_and_Proc_Oct_2011, updated online 5/28/2019

Appendix_8 -_Staff_and_Personnel April 2022, updated online 4/22/22

Appendix_9 -_Photo_Authorization

UUCT Bylaws
This document guides church governance, financing and administrative functions.

UUCT Fundraising Calendar

UUCT Share the Plate Calendar FY 2021-22

How to Make Pledge Payments

UUCT Work Order Request Form

Work Order Request

UUCT Finance Forms

Authorization for Payment Request

Reimbursement Request