Update from Allies for Racial Equity

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Allies for Racial Equity at UUCT (ARE@UUCT) started in September 2020 with good intentions. We may not have understood the full meaning of “white privilege” or “white supremacy.” Many of us thought those phrases did not apply to us. We did understand that our faith motivated us to take action towards racial justice. We began the ongoing process of educating ourselves. We learned that good intentions are not enough.

We asked the members of the BIPOC group at UUCT to share their priority. How could we become active allies? They asked us to work toward our congregation’s adoption of the 8th Principle.The anti-racism 8th Principle is a grassroots project strongly influencing the current UUA work to update and revise our UU Principles and Purposes

At last count, 152 UU congregations have voted to adopt the 8th Principle. We want to be among those who adopt it in 2022.

Beginning in the fall of 2021, members of ARE@UUCT wrote articles for the Meridian and shared personal reflections on the 8th Principle in weekly worship services. With help, we created an 8th Principle page on the UUCT website.  

We also used old-fashioned technology— telephone calls over a two-month period reached 115 UUCT members or supporting friends. It was a good chance to connect and learn what was happening in your lives, as well as to hear your ideas about the 8th Principle. 

Some people wanted opportunities to meet together and talk more about the 8th Principle. In response, ARE is offering a series of small group discussions, online or (when possible) in person. These will be held on February 18, 21, and 27. You should have received the details in an email. Contact us if you didn’t.

On Sunday February 20, we will present a worship service, “Widening the Circle: Confronting the Challenges of Implicit Bias.” 

We are thrilled to announce that Management Consultant/Diversity Strategist, Paula Cole Jones will provide UUCT with a “Building a Culture of Inclusion” workshop. Funding provided by the Thomas and Norene Chase bequest. Look for more details coming soon.