Treasurer’s October Report to Congregation

Treasurer’s October  Report to Congregation

by Ev Anderson, Disbursing Treasurer,

Budget Report 10-2019

To view the October Budget Report (budgeted income and expenses), click here.

We collected just $10,286 in 2019-20 pledges during October, half our monthly target. But owing to large prepaid pledges between July and September, our total pledge receipts year-to-date stand at $120,060 – or 48% of our total annual pledge budget of $248,668. So we are “ahead of the game” on the pledge front.

Total income from all sources for the month was $11,713, while total monthly expenses were $26,284. So we ran a large deficit for the month. Outsized October expenses included $3,394 for tree removal, $1,112 for utilities, and $909 to each of the Reserve Fund and the Minister’s Sabbatical Fund. But the year-to-date picture is brighter. Our total income from all sources for the year stands at $136,831 — a figure that includes $9,729 in prior year pledges. Expenses stand at $88,053. This puts us “in the black” by $48,328 for the year (again including prior-year pledges). Your treasurer is smiling.

Outside the operating budget, Sunday plate and other donations during October yielded $500 for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, $1101 for the Mountain Scholarship Fund, and $248 for the Music Fund.