Treasurer’s November Report to Congregation

Treasurer’s November  Report to Congregation

by Ev Anderson, Disbursing Treasurer,

Budget Report 11-2019

To view the November Budget Report (budgeted income and expenses), click here.

November was another healthy month for UUCT’s finances.

We banked $19,895 in current-year pledges and $1,105 in non-pledge income for a total of precisely $21,000. Expenses for the month were a modest $17,665, with no unusual debits. So, November income exceeded expenses by a healthy $3,345. And year to date, total income from all sources exceeds total expenses by a whopping $42,418, excluding prior-year pledges.

Outside the operating budget, Sunday plate collections garnered $213 for the Kearney Center / Shelter Meals and $465 for the UUSC.

The Minister’s ordination expenses are now fully accounted for. Total expenses of $6,600 were offset by donations of $750, for a net debit of $5,850. This expense will be reimbursed from the UUCT endowment – well below the $7,000 sum authorized by the congregation in summer.

UUCT’s operating account at Synovus Bank was averaging a working balance of $80,000 – $100,000 monthly (at a paltry interest rate) – far more than needed for current expenses. Accordingly, the finance committee authorized moving $50,000 from that account to a new Money Market Reserve Account with an APY of 1.74%. Going forward, this new account should generate around $25 in monthly interest for the church.

If you are an Amazon Prime member with online shopping benefits, don’t fail to sign up for an Amazon Smile account. 0.5% of all your qualifying purchases will be credited to UUCT, at absolutely no cost to you. See the blurb on point in the next Meridian – or just Google “set up Amazon smile account” for details. To date UUCT’s dedicated Smile account at Synovus has generated $85 for the church –a sum we could easily match in December alone if every UUCT member conducted his or her online Christmas shopping through We owe a special callout to the ever-vigilant Suzanne Ripka for setting up this Amazon Smile benefit for our church.