Treasurer’s November 2021 Report to Congregation

Monthly pledge receipts continue to fluctuate, with November’s amount of $12,815 coming in at 66% of the monthly budget and about one half of October’s total. Current year pledge receipts this fiscal year were 5.3% below the November target of 41.7%, but when prepaid pledges are included they are at 56.8% of budget for the year. No prior year pledges were received in November and collections of FY 2020-21 pledges remain  $12,366 short of the pledged amount. Other recurring income increased to $825 in November, bringing the FY 2021-22 total to 7.5% of the annual budget. Total income is 8.9% below target. No endowment dividends were transferred to the operating budget in November. 

Our payroll company is researching the reason the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) of $2,735 from the fourth quarter of 2020 has yet to arrive. 

Year-to-date all major expense categories were between 1% and 12% below target.  Overall budgeted expenses were 77% of budget for the month and 5.6% below the year-to-date target. After October’s surplus of nearly $7,000, November expenses exceeded income by $4,674. Year-to-date budgeted expenses exceed income by $14,257.

The value of our endowment funds totaled $65,719 more than their June 30, 2021 balances.

In addition to the operating budget, the only November collections of at least $100 was:

Outreach charities
Manna on Meridian    $510

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Clark
Disbursing Treasurer