Treasurer’s May Report to Congregation

Treasurer’s May Report to Congregation

by Ev Anderson, Disbursing Treasurer,

Budget Report 05-2019

To view the May Budget Report (budgeted income and expenses), click here.

May saw an alarming drop off in pledge income. We took in just $11,454 in 2018-19 pledges. (The monthly target is $19,877). Total unpaid pledges are $32,402. Total income from all sources is 5.78% below target. Although the current fiscal year ends on June 30, we count 2018-19 pledge receipts through September 30. So there is still time to make up the shortfall.

Fortunately, expenses are also in check. Year-to-date expenses are a comfortable 7.89% below target.

Netting out income and expenses, we are “in the red” by $6,838 for the month but “in the black” by $5,515 for the year. Still, we are likely to finish the year in a deficit posture if 2018-19 pledge receipts remain anemic. So if you are among those church members or supporting friends who have not completed their 2018-19 pledges, please consider doing so in June.

Outside the operating budget, several of our church funds saw nice bumps in May. These included the Capital Improvement Fund ($225), the Minister’s Discretionary Fund ($30), the RE Fund ($82), the Community Connections Events Fund ($180), the Green Sanctuary Fund ($68), the Energy Efficiency Fund ($69), and the Playground Improvement Fund ($50).

In Sunday collections, the congregation also donated generously to the Kearney Center ($360) and the Mountain Retreat and Learning Center ($475).