Support and Communication through a Time of Experimentation

We are in a year of experimentation with the structure of our congregation’s governance, ministries, and volunteer support. The congregation voted this spring to suspend parts of our bylaws. Through June 2023, we’re trying out:

  • A smaller board focused on bigger picture and longer term issues
  • A new quarterly gathering of volunteers and staff engaging in the ministries and operations of UUCT
  • New approaches to communicating about ministry opportunities and recruiting volunteers

Come next spring, the Nominating Committee will propose some next moves in restructuring based on what we learn from this year’s experiment.

So it’s important to us to be in conversation with you throughout the year! We recognize this will be a culture change for UUCT and are committed to communicate the impacts of specific changes to you. We also want to learn about your concerns and how you like being supported in our community. Below are some opportunities to engage with us and this work.

The Nominating Committee will submit regular articles in the Meridian letting you know about the work underway and how you can help shape the ways we support each other and the wider community. Please let us know if there are specific things you’d like us to include in our articles – we love ideas!

Starting in September, we will schedule monthly appearances of both the nominating committee and other groups of the congregation to share a slice of what’s new or exciting during Sunday services. We’ll also encourage groups to have a presence after the service on the veranda and via digital coffee hour on zoom. This will help us all get a little more familiar with the richness of our church community and provide opportunities for people to get involved in efforts that interest them.

The Nominating Committee is also working to complement and support the efforts of many other groups this year, such as the Board, Membership, Canvass, Committee on Ministry, Religious Exploration, 8th Principle Implementation, Hospitality, Personnel Committee, and our dedicated staff.

The Nominating Committee is also supporting the board through identifying any tasks or responsibilities held by the unfilled positions and making sure they’re held by staff or other volunteers. Our focus is to provide clarity for members who may have concerns around Management, Church Community, Worship, Religious Exploration, and Justice. Once some clear decisions are made, the Board or Nom Com will communicate the new experimental connections in The Meridian and through other means.
Next month, we’ll be sharing our exciting plans about the new quarterly gatherings for volunteers and leaders!

If you have any concerns or questions about these changes throughout the year, please feel free to reach out to any of the Nominating Committee members listed below.

Jennifer Carver
Debby Tipton
Anna Bethea
Carolyn DuBard