Speaker: Rev. Holly Brown

The Churn of Change

Things are always changing and that can at times be scary, but we need not be ruled by our fears. We can move into this liminal time with hope and imagination.

The Masks We Wear

Today we invite folks to wear their Halloween costumes if they would like to do so. We will explore the ways we wear masks and the courage to allow others to see beyond those masks. This service will be multigenerational and as such will have more interactive elements throughout the service.

Choose Courage

It would be easier to remain in our individual and congregational comfort zone, but that is not how we grow. For real and lasting change to take root, we must choose courage.

Being Courageous

What comes to mind when you hear someone called courageous? Love and vulnerability are acts of courage. We can be courageous with one another in ways that don’t require feats of strength or facing physically dangerous situations.

Blessed by the Animals

This Sunday we explore how we are blessed by the animals and plants in our lives. Nature has much that it can teach us about how we engage with the world around us. Reminding us that we are connected by the interdependent web – both with other individuals and with the natural world.

Water Makes Its Mark

This Sunday we celebrate Water Communion and take time as a congregation to make a covenant with our newly affiliated Community Minister, EN Hill. Water makes its mark and so do we, as individuals and as a faith community. What will be our mark, our legacy?

Belonging to Ourselves

Who are we and whose are we? Where do we come from and where are we going? Belonging is being welcomed as our full selves rather than being expected to assimilate into an existing system or expectations.

The Special-ness of Belonging

Inspired by the lyrics “in case no one told you today, you’re special” from the song “Special” by Lizzo, we will explore how we are impacted by the words or actions of others. We all need the reminder at times, that we are special and we are glad you are here.

What Does Belonging Mean?

As Unitarian Universalists, we affirm the worth and dignity of all people and strive to be truly welcoming. How do we create a sense of inclusion that goes beyond welcome to a place of deeper connections and foster a sense of belonging.

Did That Just Happen?

This service will explore the impact of Identity Related Aggressions in our efforts to be more welcoming. The term was coined by Dr. Stephanie Pinder-Amaker and Dr. Lauren Wadsworth, authors of “Did That Just Happen?” to remove the micro from microaggression.