Speaker: Rev. Holly Brown

The Shared Ministry of Stewardship

Stewardship is about more than financial giving. It is about the shared ministry of the congregation and how it creates ripples out into the world. Stewardship signifies the trust placed in one another to support the ministry of the church through one’s time, talents, and treasures. All worship services are currently being held via Zoom

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On Simmer

So much of the last two years has involved sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what will happen next. There have been a whole host of emotions simmering just below the surface. Now we are faced with the prospect of bringing all of those emotions back with us. We must be

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Bending the Arc

The arc of the moral universe is long but we must help it bend toward justice. How do we accountably work toward justice without a spiritual foundation? We are being called as a faith tradition to better define our theology, particularly a theology of liberation. All worship services are currently being held via Zoom only.

Seasons of Love

How do we measure a year? What do we celebrate in life and love? At the end of the year, let us look back at the things we hold dear – our families, our friends, and our communities within and beyond the church.

Setting Our Intentions

Rather than setting New Year’s resoultions which so often fade after a month or two, let us consider setting intentions for this year together.

Joy is Resistance

Joy is different than happiness, it is deeper, more abiding, and has the power to sustain us even when things are difficult. Holding on to joy in the face of difficulty, in the face of oppression or marginalization is an act of resistance.

Finding Joy

The Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, shared extensively about ways of finding joy in life. They describe spiritual radiance as a serene joy born from deep well-being. Let us consider what creates spiritual radiance in your life.

In Remembrance

The National Transgender Day of Remembrance is November 20th each year. There are far too many Trans people murdered and setting aside a day of remembrance of the lives cut short by unspeakable violence remains necessary over two decades after the first TDOR was observed.

Your Story – History of UUCT

Over the last week, many of you have shared a moment of UUCT history that was particularly meaningful for you or your family. This service will highlight some of those stories and how those are linked to the covenant you share with one another.