Share the Plate with The Tallahassee Food Network

Growing Food

The Tallahassee Food Network is a unique community-based good food system that works to provide healthy, affordable food for all. It has built a grassroots effort to address food insecurity and health inequities in marginalized communities throughout Tallahassee.   

Its mission is to grow community-based good food systems that provide healthy, affordable food for all. The Network maintains the Dent Street Garden in Frenchtown providing fresh food to local residents, and opportunities for building community by tending the garden. Recently certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture, the Network is in the process of setting up a Marketplace at Dent Street.  Also, the Network has set up a Children and Families Resource Center located in the Springfield Public Housing community on Joe Louis Street. It also has relaunched the Collards and Cornbread gathering that serves as a chance to connect, learn from and collaborate with everyone in Tallahassee because partnership is key to building a fair, accessible and sustainable food movement.