Share the Plate with the Educated Choices Program

The mission of the Educated Choices Program (ECP) is to educate middle school, high school, college students, and community members at large about the impact of their food choices in relation to human, and ecosystem health. By providing information from highly respected scientific sources and promoting respectful dialogue, participants are encouraged to think critically about the connection between food and the energy required to produce it.
It is imperative to empower young people to appreciate their potential in influencing the future of our planet with their food choices. ECP harnesses the opportunity to create a better, healthier world through their programs designed to educate these future leaders and consumers of tomorrow on the direct link between what they eat and both human and environmental health.
The ECP is an international organization with a presence throughout the United States, Canada, and Germany. To date, their classroom educators and their virtual presentations have reached more than 1.9 million students in 60,000 classrooms.
In the context of our 7th Principle, the relevance of their mission during this time of epic climate change, food insecurity and health care disparities is more necessary than ever. Please give generously to support their educational efforts