Share the Plate with Rethink Energy Florida

ReThink Energy Florida is a nonprofit whose mission is to engage, educate, and empower Floridians to take action and achieve a just transition to clean energy for a healthier, more sustainable environment through youth education, adult engagement and community organizing. This year, in addition to our usual programs, such as our Energy Camp and the advocacy work at the State Legislature that we do, we have three additional expansion programs we are working on:

  • Our STEM Education Outreach Program allows us to go into Leon County schools, especially Title 1 schools, to provide hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math experiences to youth. We have formed a partnership with Sabal Palm elementary and have visited Apalachee and Kate Sullivan Schools as well.
  • Our SEED (Solar Energy Equity Deployment) Tallahassee ProgramĀ  is a partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and several local stakeholders to work to overcome the barriers to low-to-moderate income housing in Frenchtown, Bond, and Griffin Heights communities.
  • Our Upper Limit Project is a campaign to ask business leaders and lawmakers what Florida’s upper limit on sea level rise and heat should be. With the slogan ‘Two Feet is Two Much Sea Level Rise,’ we intend to connect the dots between the adaptation efforts already underway in Florida and the need to also reduce our carbon emissions (and lead at the national and global levels) to truly keep sea level rise at bay.

Your continued support is much appreciated.