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100 Years of Flower Ceremonies

This year is the 100th anniversary of the first flower ceremony held by Norbert Capek. The Flower Ceremony, sometimes referred to as Flower Communion or Flower Festival, is an annual ritual that celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community through the blessing and exchange of flowers. There will be two ways to participate: you can […]

Bridging – A Rite of Passage

Each year, UU congregations across the country recognize their graduating seniors with a bridging ceremony. This is one of many well-loved UU traditions, and one of a few rituals focused entirely on children and youth. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the covenants we hold with our children and youth, our duties to […]

Vulnerability of Being Seen and Heard

It can take courage to let others know who you are and vulnerability in sharing your stories. This Sunday, participants (on zoom and in-person) will have the opportunity to engage with one another by sharing a little bit of their story about how they found their way to UUCT. Recognizing the diversity in how we […]

Vulnerability of History

This month marks 69 years since the founding of this congregation and today we explore some of that history as well as the history of our larger denomination. Remembering where we come from can help us determine the path forward into the future. Join Zoom or dial by your location. Zoom is open starting at 10:45 […]

People Power

The power that people hold has the power to cause great harm and great benefit to society. Both can be true. This week we commission the Network Members from UUCT for the Capital Area Justice Ministry (CAJM) for the work of building people power for the purpose of justice for when we join together for […]

Feeling Our Vulnerability, a Celebration through Song and Music

How do we identify with the projections of everyone in our lives, our own projections of who we think we are, our fears, and our judgements? What are our innermost needs? Join Music Director, Angel de Armendi as we explore these feelings through music. Join Zoom or dial by your location. Zoom is open starting at 10:45 am. […]

Embodied Love

Love is lifted up as central to our faith. This is not romantic or sentimental love, it is a deep and embodied love for one another and the world. Love has the power to change the world, but it must be put into action to achieve that change. Join Zoom or dial by your location. […]

Stewards of Love

This week you are invited to consider how you, how we can be stewards of love. How can we be good stewards? What does it mean to care for the church, the grounds, the members, the friends, community partners, the finances? Join Zoom or dial by your location. Zoom is open starting at 10:45 am. Meeting […]

Affirmations and Ordination

This Sunday, we have the rare opportunity to ordain our Affiliated Community Minister, E.N. Hill. The theme of the month is love and it is so appropriate as we offer loving affirmations for E.N. and his ministry in the wider world as a chaplain. Join Zoom or dial by your location. Zoom is open starting at […]