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Wonder of Community

This Sunday we will hold a nontraditional service with a couple common elements. The primary focus will be the opportunity to be in community both on zoom and in person. You are invited to share some fond/favorite holiday celebrations.

Christmas Eve Service

Join us for a hybrid Christmas Eve Service to share biblical accounts of the birth of Jesus, reflections and carols. Attendees will be invited to participate in a no-rehearsal pageant, singing, and passing the flame during Silent Night. Our zoom participants will kick off passing the flame and then move to those in the sanctuary

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The Wonder of Winter Holidays

There are several religious traditions that celebrate winter holidays. This week we will explore some of those through stories, music, readings, and reflections.

Where Do We Wonder?

Where do you find wonder, in nature, in community, in faith, in covenant? As a faith tradition we uphold the free and response for truth and meaning in our 4th Principle. This principle speaks to where and perhaps how we wonder, to how we make meaning.

The Wonder of Wondering

Have you ever wondered where our different practices as UUs come from? Some are completely unique to UUs such as the chalice in the ways we use it while others have borrowed things from other faith traditions. There can be a fine line between honoring someone else’s traditions and appropriating them as our own.

The Roots of Change

Inspired by the words of Howard Zinn, let us consider the ways our small actions, forms of protest have the ability to take root and create social change.

The Tipping Point

There comes a time when we must acknowledge the cultural shifts happening around us. Some of these shifts are in the narratives we share during this season that call us to let go of harmful narratives that perpetuate colonialism.

Change as a Throughline

The science fiction writer Octavia Butler penned the fictional religion of Earthseed, in which the central tenet is that God is Change. Change is a constant presence in our human experience, even as we sometimes resist. Let’s explore what rituals and frameworks help us navigate change in our everyday lives as well as grapple with

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The Churn of Change

Things are always changing and that can at times be scary, but we need not be ruled by our fears. We can move into this liminal time with hope and imagination.

The Masks We Wear

Today we invite folks to wear their Halloween costumes if they would like to do so. We will explore the ways we wear masks and the courage to allow others to see beyond those masks. This service will be multigenerational and as such will have more interactive elements throughout the service. You are invited to

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