Picture This!

Did you know that UUCT has an expanded Instagram presence? Now in addition to the Religious Exploration (RE) Instagram that Helen Cassara created and continues to maintain, some other photos of people and events at UUCT are popping up on Instagram. 

Take a look, follow, and share with friends. Better yet, send in some of the photos you take of folks at UUCT at work and play. Send your photos to us! media@uutallahassee.org

UUCT members and staff occasionally take photos and videos during services and other congregational events. These photos and videos of members and other individuals are intended for use in various UUCT related media. UUCT obtains implied consent for this use by advising in announcements and other congregational publications that photos and videos might be used for our purposes.

Members not wanting their images so used, please notify the office administrator. All children under 18 MUST have prior approval and a photo release form completed by their parent/legal guardian on file to be included in any publications.

Blanket release forms can be obtained from the office or found on the website.