Phonebanking with New Florida Majority from UUA

two women making telephone calls to encourage voter registration

Hi Everyone,

UU the Vote is very excited to launch this partnership. New Florida Majority is working to turnout millions of voters in Florida. They are reaching out to people who are marginalized and get targeted for voter suppression. They are also reaching out more broadly as people are concerned about the pandemic, about policing and criminal justice reform, systemic racism and how this all relates to the elections. We’re very grateful for their work. Your support of this progressive statewide community organization is very much appreciated – and needed! Do take a look at their website, you’ll be inspired.

We will be hosting three phone banks on Thursday evenings — July 30, August 6, and August 13 from 6:00-8:00 pm ET.

Sign up for the July 30 phone bank here.  We’ll have sign up links for the August 6th and August 13th phone banks soon.

When you sign up you’ll receive more info and the zoom link for the event, so make sure to save it! They will also be sending out more specific information about the script and who and where we are calling as we get closer to July 30th. I have let NFM know that some of you are Spanish speakers and they will be getting back to us about if that will be needed for these phonebanks.

New Florida Majority staff will be orienting and training us. We’ll be using the Open Virtual Phone Bank platform to make our calls. You will need a phone (for audio) and a laptop, tablet, or iPad. As I explained in the info session, the platform will be doing the dialing automatically for us, and we’ll record people’s answers on our laptops etc. We’ll get trained right at the phonebank. We’ll be together on Zoom for our training and can check in throughout the phonebank with our trainers if questions arise as we’re making our calls. It’s a great system and easy to do.

This is an all hands on deck moment! Many of you have already been recruiting more volunteers, please continue to do so and forward this message, send people the sign up link, send it to your lists, post in your newsletters, and share the sign up link on Facebook. We have a goal of 150 UUs and friends in Florida making calls! There are 63 of you on this e-mail. If everyone recruits even just 2 more people we’ll exceed our goal. And I think we can do even much better than that. People understand what a crucial moment we are in, in Florida, and in our nation.

Thank you so much Florida UUs for rising to the challenge. We hold the phonebanks on Zoom so that we are able to make our phone calls together. Working this way is fulfilling, faithful, and fun! I’m so glad to be in it with you!

In faith & hopefulness,


By Susan Fleming