Manna Holiday Wishes

Food needs of Manna neighbors are currently outpacing Manna donations. An increase in serving an average of 150 families a month to 250 families over the past two years and the rising costs of food are beginning to deplete the little cushion Manna had gathered during Covid, when congregations generously provided extra donations. As liaisons from the five Manna churches continue to develop a plan to present to our congregations, we need your help during this holiday season, a time we all know will bring increased need.

Each bag of dry goods provided to neighbors costs approximately $17.00 per bag, per month depending on prices the week of grocery purchases. Depending on availability of produce/fruit donated and what Manna must purchase, produce for families cost approximately $12.00 per bag each month, per family. $29.00 x 250 = $7,250.00 per month. This is double the expenses prior to Covid. It is not sustainable.

Financial Contributions: A financial contribution that covers the cost of one or more bags would be excellent. If it can be an ongoing contribution, that would be even better. Financial donations can be in cash or check to Manna c/o Faith Presbyterian Church 2200 N. Meridian 32312 (please write UUCT in the memo line). Checks may also be sent to UUCT (write “Manna” in the memo line)UUCT. Giving generously when Manna is the recipient of Share the Plate is always a great plus.
Donation of Dried Goods: If you/your family/friends would like to fill a bag for Manna, the following is a list of what is put in each dry goods bag:

1 – 12.5oz can of chicken
2 – cans of tuna
1 – can pasta sauce (Hunts in a can is great)
1 – 16oz jar of peanut butter
1 – 14-18oz box of plain cereal
1 – 15oz can green beans
1 – 15oz can of sweet corn
2 – cans of soup (condensed soup size is great)
2 – boxes of mac and cheese
1 – can pork and beans
1 – can black beans
1 – one pound bag of rice
1 – one pound package of spaghetti noodles

Bags can be dropped off at UUCT. A pick up is done every week or so from the Manna Bin. Any single or multiple donation of any of the items above is greatly appreciated. Preferences would, of course, be on those items that are more costly for Manna to purchase: 12.5 ounce can of chicken; 16oz peanut butter; 14-18oz plain cereal. BOGOs are great.

The goal of Manna continues to be to provide at least a week’s worth of dry goods and produce for those in need, in a manner that is confidential for our neighbors. There are difficult, thoughtful, and in many cases prayerful discussions going on about how to continue with this goal. Manna is an important resource for at least 250 families in this community. Your continued assistance is always appreciated.