“Justice, Equity, and Compassion in Human Relations”- 2nd Principle of Unitarian Universalists

The Kearney Center attempts to bring some Justice and Equity to the homeless population of Tallahassee.  In addition to providing emergency and temporary housing, meals, limited medical, dental, and mental healthcare, they facilitate training and education for job placement.

UUCT can assist the Kearney Center by turning our compassion into tangible financial donations this month.  Donations for this month’s Share the Plate will go directly to the Kearney Center.

UUCT has long supported the goals of organizations which try to ease the social problems, both personal and systemic, of those individuals and families who are homeless.  From the first Cold Night Shelter (housed at First Presbyterian) to the The Shelter (on West Tennessee) to the Kearney Center,  UUCT  provides both  financial support and experienced volunteer workers.

Justice, Equity, and Compassion: noble principles take positive actions.

This Sunday’s Share the Plate partner is the Kearney Center.

Please give generously.

By Carolyn Pardue