Hunger Is No Game

Prices of food are going up and it is no surprise that there is a startling increase in people coming to Manna on Meridian each month. Not long ago volunteers bagged and distributed under 200 kitchen staples. Now almost 300 neighbors arrive on the third Saturday of every month. The number of people who cannot afford the food they need to feed their families is not expected to decrease soon.

All the food for Manna is made possible by donations of food and cash, and all the work is done by volunteers.

Next time you pick up some food for you or your family, please consider purchasing some extra items to donate to the UUCT basket for Manna on Meridian. Check for BOGO and other sales. Buy one for yourself and give one to Manna. Items that are most in need include: boxes of low sugar cereal, tomato sauce, peanut butter, canned chicken, tuna, black beans, broth or stock. As we get closer to the holiday season please add some spices, canned pumpkin, cake mixes, and vegetable oil to your gifts for Manna.

Manna also has a table for non food items, such as toiletries like toothpaste and bath soap.

You can also give cash that volunteers will use to purchase groceries and fresh produce  in bulk.

For more info go to Manna on Meridian on the UUCT website.