Got Your Back – Security Updates at UUCT

As we transition back to in-person (hopefully) church services during 2022, your UUCT Ad Hoc Safety Team has been working on its charge to increase security in our church facilities. A few team members met in January to walk the grounds and wander through buildings to figure out some short-term changes that could be done now and decided on several other tasks that will take more time to complete. Eventually, we will need more people to take on roles during services in the Sanctuary and will ask everyone to be willing to step up and learn how to look out for others if we are ever in an emergency situation. 

Some of the short-term changes involve door locks and window treatments: 

  • For those doors that have the combination locks, we placed a small “locked” label near the lock lever on the inside of the door to let you know which way the lever should be lined up to ensure the door is locked from outside access. Those people using the Nursery, Rooms K, C, or L should have the combination lock doors locked whenever services or classes are underway.  
  • A reminder and a word of caution for the bathrooms near the Sanctuary—use the lock at the top of the door or the sliding bolt to secure the door or people who know the combination to the bathroom lock may invade your space if you do not use these additional locks… 
  • During the last workday we started to address security needs related to window coverings. UUCT buildings have a LOT of windows… it will take a while to get to all of them.  Window film was added to the side panels and windows near the doors on the nursery/education building and curtains were added to Room K and to an interior window to Room C. These window treatments will provide for more secure spaces in the hallways near these rooms. 
  • The DRE/Music Office also received curtains. 

Window treatment in the Sanctuary is going to be challenging. We will work on that task soon and suggestions are appreciated. We will add additional window treatments in the Nursery and Room C and will add some keyed thumb locks to a few interior doors. These doors will only be locked for emergency security purposes.

As we get closer to being together, expect more security direction and training opportunities. We will need:

  • trained greeters
  • fire extinguisher assistants
  • people willing to take the lead in assisting impaired individuals to safe sites
  • people who can take the lead in directing people near them in an emergency situation
  • people who have the skillset to deescalate people who are in an emotional state of mind and may need help

Even though we have all been apart for longer than we ever thought possible, we need to learn how to look out for each other again when we are back together.

Your Safety Team members are:  Phil, Helen, Bonnie, and Rev. Holly.