Freethinkers Forum Gets a Third Co-director

Freethinkers Forum (FF) is pleased to announce the addition of a third Co-Director, Carrie Renwick.  She joins the Forum’s management team this month and brings a wealth of experience to the role.  Carrie has been involved in the leadership of the First Coast Freethought Society (FCFS), based in Jacksonville, since its inception in 1998.  The FCFS is an educational, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization serving the needs of the secular population of Northeast Florida. Similar to UUCT’s Freethinkers Forum of Tallahassee, the FCFS is dedicated to promoting science and reason over religious dogma and fanaticism.

The UUCT’s Freethinkers Forum was founded by Harold Hawkins (deceased) and Ron Crowe in 2005. Through the last 17 years, the leadership has changed and at times Jim Stangle and Gary Whittenberger were co-directors. During the last seven to eight years, it was decided that the Forum should have an odd number of co-directors, usually three, to divide up the work and to break ties, if two co-directors happened to disagree, which is rare.  Gary left FF in 2020.  Now Carrie joins Warren Brackmann and Tony Garcia to complete the triumvirate.  Please welcome Carrie Renwick to UUCT’s Freethinkers Forum of Tallahassee!