Exhale – A Pro-voice Network for those who have had an Abortion

Exhale is the Pro-voice outlier to the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life groups, which are often at odds in the media and at protests. Exhale supports the women who made an abortion decision by providing them with an outlet to express their feelings. Exhale also supports those whose partners or friends made the decision about having an abortion, as they may need someone to talk to, too. The group offers and provides a mental health outlet for individuals, which can be especially helpful when politics makes their personal or medical decision controversial. No matter how long ago an individual had an abortion, Exhale is available.

Exhale seeks to create a space where individuals can focus on their feelings around their experience of abortion. Exhale is committed to listening to individuals who have a wide variety of ideals and political beliefs, who have had abortions, and those who have a personal abortion experience and are seeking support to process their feelings. Exhale defines Pro-voice as a means to support and show care towards BIPOC and LGBTQ+ lives and their wellbeing, and a way to condemn the oppression of any marginalized group. Exhale is for everyone who needs its support.

The Exhale website https://exhaleprovoice.org provides more information about how to call, text, or join support circles to share abortion experiences, more often than not with others who have also had abortions themselves.

For the next few weeks, your Share the Plate donations to support Exhale’s efforts are appreciated.

By Bonnie J. Abellera