Even To Question, Truly Is An Answer *

As a congregation, we set our intention last May to work towards building a diverse multicultural Beloved Community that works to dismantle racism. Does that sound too big a job for our small community of communities? Are you wondering how we will do this? What will change? Where should we start?

The 8th Principle group will gather on February 18 at 10:30 am on Zoom. Unlike a committee, you are welcome to drop in and participate at any time and opt out at any level you choose.

Bring your questions to any of our meetings or send them to 8thPrinciple@uutallahassee.org

Consider reading Mistakes and Miracles, the UUCT 2023 Common Read, and watch for ways in March to discuss the lessons learned by other UU congregations as they journeyed towards multiculturalism

* That line is the end of a hymn that has popped into my head lately. It isn’t a hymn we sing often, so I had to contact Angel to find out where the line comes from – “We Laugh, We Cry” (p. 354 Singing the Living Tradition).