UUCT Covid-19 Pandemic Guidelines 

The guiding principles of UUCT’s Covid-19 guidelines are based on those established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our guidelines are regularly reviewed and updated in accordance with the latest scientific conclusions and recommendations by public health experts. 

These guidelines also make reference to Covenantal Consent (CC) which is described at: Covenantal Consent | LeaderLab | UUA.org. CC honors Inclusion, Care, Consent and Covenant. In practice, CC allows for the relaxing of some guidelines for small and intermediate size groups under these conditions: 

  • Small groups (2 to 12 persons) with all having been vaccinated may meet both indoors and outdoors without masks with unanimous agreement.
  • Intermediate groups (13 to 25 persons) with all having been vaccinated may meet indoors with masks and socially distanced and outdoors without masks with unanimous agreement.
  • Large groups (26 or more) may meet indoors under conditions set forth in  Guideline I.1. Large groups meeting outdoors are strongly encouraged to mask and socially distance when using common spaces.  
  1. Guidelines for groups using church facilities
  1. Persons age two and older attending large group indoor gatherings, regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks and are encouraged to observe social distancing. Sanctuary seating will be arranged to allow for  distancing. Maximum attendance for services or gatherings held in the sanctuary is limited to 60 persons.
  1.  In any group meeting indoors where children under age five are present, all persons age two and older must be masked and practice social distancing. 
  1.  All persons in group gatherings must be able to follow the guidelines. Parents and caregivers are responsible for ensuring any children in their care are in compliance with guidelines. 
  1. Consumption of food and beverages at group gatherings is allowed under the following provisions: 
  • Homemade food that is individually wrapped may be shared during after- service coffee hour and large group gatherings on the veranda.
  • As before, commercially pre-packaged snacks are allowed along with coffee and hot water for tea from the urns.
  • Small groups meeting at the church can bring food that is not wrapped and beverages to share provided those in the group are comfortable doing so. 
  1.   Staff will clean shared office space periodically. Masks are encouraged for staff, volunteers and visitors when in the shared office space but may follow CC guidelines.
  1.   Groups requesting the use of church facilities must register and seek prior approval by emailing the Office Administrator at office@uutallahassee.org. 
  1.   Church member and non-member groups renting space from the church must ensure that all event participants adhere to UUCT’s Covid guidelines. 

Revised 6/10/2022