Members of TRYBE and a dogUUCT’s youth group is a community of Unitarian Universalist (UU) teens aged 12-20. It is a safe and sacred space in which youth find their voices and share their minds, while building community through youth empowerment.

Meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday, 12:30-1:30 pm on the UUCT campus. Please come and join us!

Youth Group touches on all critical components of Youth Ministry: community building, spirituality, learning, social action, youth empowerment, leadership, and good youth-adult relations.

Youth Empowerment IS

  • The foundation and guiding principle of youth ministry.
  • Youth being trusted and knowing it.
  • About supporting others in finding their own power.
  • Providing youth a chance to participate in the discussions that impact their experiences.
  • Supporting, encouraging, and supplying youth with tools, resources, and opportunities.
  • Not abandonment.
  • Empowering youth must be an intentional goal and must have active adults working with youth to make it happen.
  • A living partnership between youth and adults, one in which power is shared.

The youth elected leadership is supported by trained adult advisers (vetted by both the Church leadership and youth themselves). All advisers are background screened and go through extensive training on youth empowerment and risk management.

Throughout the year, youth group plans fundraisers and other group activities, such as a camping trip, day trips to kayak, meetings held at various parks, and volunteering in the community.