Comfort Pillows for Cancer Patients

For the last year and a half I have been working one morning a month helping the Monticello Pillow Pals make and distribute comfort pillows to the 2 cancer treatment centers in Tallahassee (and one in Thomasville). We have cutters, sewers, turners, and stuffers. We do small pillows and slightly larger cases, and add a label to tell where they’re from. Then I or someone else delivers them to the treatment centers. Our fabric comes from donations from people who are tired of sewing, estate sales, thrift stores, stashes in attics; we welcome anything you want to get rid of. The stuffing and thread is bought from monetary donations. The group meets at the Monticello Methodist Church the 2nd Thursday of the month. I was thinking the UUs could start one, too. What do you think? Feel free to call or email me (contact information is in the member directory).