Climate Action Corner

Climate Action can take many forms: mitigation through reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation through preparation, and advocacy for those measures at the world, federal, state and local level. 

Using a navy call for “all hands on deck”, personal responsibility is also key.  The experts on energy issues have often said “There is no such thing as a silver bullet.”  After the more dire predictions from the last IPCC report and mixed reviews from COP 26, each of us need to answer the question posed by the children of 2050, what did you do after you learned what climate disruption and chaos was? 

This Corner, an initiative of the church Green Sanctuary committee, will focus on actions that expand on those forms.   We know greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by replacing fossil fuels like natural gas with renewable energy like solar and more energy efficiency.  Tallahassee Solar allows those who have tree coverage to participate in energy from the solar farm.  Older buildings will benefit from energy audits.  New buildings need to be built to green high performance standards that are net zero ready, using durable materials and being environmentally friendly.  Both the city and county have recently revised their Green Building policies.  Also locally more homes are being built with Energy Star HERS ratings.  Reduced emissions in the transmission sector will come with the increasing number of electric vehicles (all electric and plug in hybrids) and with increased ridership in public transportation.  In the food production sector, all can embrace a planet-friendly diet and become healthier at the same time. 

UUCT has a history of climate action advocacy beginning with study that led to helping  form the Big Bend Climate Action Team in 2005 that successfully opposed a proposed coal plant while adopting an enhanced clean energy plan.  More recent local advocacy by the Tally 100 Coalition led to a City 100% Clean Energy by 2050 Resolution.  Many UU’s have been involved in this effort.  

At the state level for the legislative session there are some very good renewable energy bills and a very bad solar net meter bill.  A Solar Under Attack Rally will be held February 8 in Tallahassee.  There is a critical need to support that effort.  To learn more read Florida Solar Under Attack 

and come to the Save Our Solar Rally 

It is also important to mention related advocacy by ReThink Energy Florida led by UU’s Kim Ross and Brian Lee.