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2021-22 Year End Financial Report

The 2021-22 fiscal year ended on June 30th. The annual financial results were better than projected, as demonstrated by only needing about $11,000 of the planned $28,000 in endowment funds to cover the budget. Please find an in-depth letter and spreadsheet prepared by our Disbursing Treasurer, Ron Clark in the folder linked below. Anyone with […]

UUCT’s Adaptations in Governance and Management

One of the bright spots in our process of experimenting with our governance model this year has been an opportunity to hear from long-time members about our history as a congregation. From our beginnings as a family size, lay-led, startup fellowship in 1953, UUCT has had a rich history of adapting leadership, management, and governance […]

Board Notes

The fast-approaching new fiscal year and its UUCT governance experiment led to board discussions concerning necessary adjustments. The board approved two decisions to prepare the smaller, six-person board for July: The quorum for regular votes at board meetings is set at five.  The board will delegate responsibility for authorizing checks to the chairperson or other […]

Board Notes- February 2022

At the February meeting, the UUCT Executive Board voted to: Approve January financial reports and board minutes. Appoint Anna Bethea to the Nominating Committee through June 2022. The Nominating Committee is seeking eight candidates for various positions. The congregational votes on nominees at the May annual meeting. The Nominating Committee asked the board to make […]

Board Notes

Your Executive Board sets policies and oversees church property, the conduct of church business, and the fulfillment of church purposes. You, as a congregation, elect its members, who serve staggered terms. The minister is a non-voting member. At the December 16 meeting, the board asked that Greg DeAngelo and the Personnel Committee: • include the […]

REMINDER: GivePlus Mobile App Inactive

Dear Members and Friends, If you are a GivePlus Mobile user, you  should have received an email earlier about Vanco Mobile, our church’s new and improved mobile app. Vanco, our eGiving provider, has launched this updated mobile app to replace GivePlus Mobile. GivePlus Mobile will be retired as of December 30, 2021. How Do You Download […]

Treasurer’s November 2021 Report to Congregation

Monthly pledge receipts continue to fluctuate, with November’s amount of $12,815 coming in at 66% of the monthly budget and about one half of October’s total. Current year pledge receipts this fiscal year were 5.3% below the November target of 41.7%, but when prepaid pledges are included they are at 56.8% of budget for the […]

First Quarter Financial Update

The 2021-22 first quarter can be found here: All figures are through September 30th, 2021. Since this is a bit late, we know that October rebounded substantially from what we saw in September, so overall UUCT’s finances are in better shape than indicated here. Thank you all for your continued generosity supporting UUCT. By Dan D’Arcangelis, […]

Treasurer’s January 2020 Report to Congregation

Treasurer’s January 2020 Report to Congregation by Ron Clark, Disbursing Treasurer, Budget Report 01-2020 Our year-to-date pledge collections stand at $186,133 with an annual budget of $248,558. That’s 74.9% collected during the seven months of this fiscal year, with 58.3% as the January target. Year-to-date expenses are close to budget at $154,109 year-to-date, or 57.2% […]


FY 2018-19 YEAR-END REVIEW by Ev Anderson, Disbursing Treasurer, FY 2018-19 Year-End Report We earned $8,823 more than we spent in FY 2018-19 that ended last June.  This was due entirely to lower-than-budgeted expenses.  This budget surplus will help replenish our depleted Reserve Fund. Income and Expenses We budgeted $260,909 from all sources for 2018-19 […]