Board Notes – May 2022

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Whew, we’ve had quite a few congregational meetings this spring! Thanks to each of you who attended and participated. 

Here’s a link to drafts of the most recent minutes, to be voted on at a future meeting.

Congregational minutes, May 15 and May 22, 2022

It’s an exciting time for the Board, anticipating the upcoming fiscal year and its recently-approved governance experiment. The Nominating Committee and the Board are working together to identify the “what needs to happen and who will do it” questions as they begin planning. One step at a time!

The Board approved:

  • The consent agenda
    • April Board Minutes
    • April Financial Reports
    • Recommendation from the Financial Committee to move $3000 from Linda Logan Legacy Gift to replenish the Capital Improvement Fund
    • Covid Task Force Report
  • Appointment of three delegates to the UU General Assembly: Dan D’Arcangelis, Louise Lobinske, Gwendolyn Waldorf; alternates Carolyn DuBard, Linda Wright
  • A motion to direct Rev Holly, as head of staff, and Greg DeAngelo, as head of the personnel committee, to develop a set of standards for staff evaluation. (Ratification of decision made in closed session May 12.)

A discussion of other items from the closed session included the possibility of requesting input from RE families and volunteers later in the summer, whether in the form of a survey or an open-ended inquiry, and acknowledgment of recent positive feedback to the Board from RE volunteers and families about the RE program.

Of note: The June Board meeting will be held a week earlier, on the third Thursday, to avoid conflicting with the events of UU General Assembly.

The next Board meeting will be June 16 at 6:30. Congregants are welcome to attend and to address the Board. To address the Board, or to receive the zoom link and agenda , contact President Brian Lee at