Board Notes- January 27, 2022

lightbulb brainstorming

At the January meeting, the UUCT Executive Board voted to:

  • Increase the Director of Religious Exploration (DRE) weekly hours from 24 to 30 in FY 2022-2023, contingent on availability of funding.
  • Approve the sabbatical plan proposed by the Music Director for April and May 2022.
  • Approve the asking budget prepared by the Finance Committee. (An asking budget is aspirational, yet attainable; the canvass results determine the final budget.)
    • As amended to include additional DRE hours and a tech position at 5 hours weekly
    • And with consideration of a more equitable distribution of funds for staff raises
  • Use funds from the Thomas and Norene Chase bequest for a “Building a Culture of Inclusion” workshop led by UU Management Consultant/Diversity Strategist Paula Cole Jones, in response to a request from Allies for Racial Equity at UUCT.
  • Use a combination of funds from three legacy bequests to cover the cost of a new sound system to assure consistent high-quality sound and video display for the sanctuary as well as for live streaming online and to Room L.

The board accepted:

  • The report “Successful Volunteer Recruitment: Performance Improvement Project,” the product of a needs assessment and analysis conducted for UUCT by three FSU graduate students, S. Baxter, D. Berk, and C. Smith. 
  • The resignation of VP for Religious Exploration Kerry Burner, serving her second term in that role; effective Feb. 25. Board president Brian Lee and individual members expressed appreciation for her ideas, energy and dedication. We will miss you, Kerry! Thank you.

Bob Deyle provided an update on our church’s participation in the Capital Area Justice Ministry program.

Next meeting: February 24, 6:30 pm

Your Executive Board sets policies and oversees church property, the conduct of church business, and the fulfillment of church purposes. Members of UUCT elect board members, who serve staggered terms. The minister is a non-voting member.

Congregants are welcome to attend meetings, and to address the board. To receive the agenda, the Zoom link, and/or to have an item placed on the agenda, contact President Brian Lee at