Board Notes- February 2022

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At the February meeting, the UUCT Executive Board voted to:

  • Approve January financial reports and board minutes.
  • Appoint Anna Bethea to the Nominating Committee through June 2022.
    • The Nominating Committee is seeking eight candidates for various positions.
    • The congregational votes on nominees at the May annual meeting.
    • The Nominating Committee asked the board to make governance restructuring a priority.
  • Reach out to the UUA for a transition coach; authorize funding for related consultant fee.
    • A transition coach is recommended by the UUA to guide us through the next phase of the ministerial search calendar, “Education and Preparation.”
  • Establish a Ministerial Search Committee; authorize funding for committee expenses.
    • Final budget, to be voted on by congregation at the May annual meeting, will include an amount for committee expenses with a note that it will come from the reserve fund.
    • The Board invites suggestions for potential search committee members.
    • The congregation votes on the Ministerial Search Committee members at the May annual meeting.
  • Recommend to the congregation that UUCT seek a developmental minister.
    • A developmental minister would serve the congregation for a predetermined number of years; the average is four or five.
    • A developmental minister is trained to help a congregation focus on internal and external issues; at UUCT these include governance, leadership, volunteer facilitation and trust/trauma.
    • The board believes this work is needed to increase our ability to attract a settled minister.
    • The church would seek a settled minister in the final year of the developmental minister (without an additional interim period). The developmental minister is not eligible to become the settled minister.
  • Schedule a congregational meeting for March 27, following the Sunday service, for the vote on whether to seek a developmental minister or a settled minister.

The Executive Board expressed appreciation for VP of Religious Exploration Kerry Burner for her enthusiastic and dedicated service on the board.


Saturday March 5 “Start-Up Workshop” with UUA staff Cameron Young and Nathan Hollister, open to all, 11 am to 2 pm (Zoom)

Thursday March 24, Executive Board meeting, 6:30 pm (Zoom)

Your Executive Board sets policies and oversees church property, the conduct of church business, and the fulfillment of church purposes. Members of UUCT elect the board members, who serve staggered terms. The minister is a non-voting member. Congregants are welcome to attend meetings and to address the board. To receive the agenda, the Zoom link, and/or to have an item placed on the agenda, contact President Brian Lee at