Board Notes – April 2022

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Important votes on the UUCT horizon!

Most of the agenda items from April’s Board meeting will be discussed further, and voted on, at two upcoming congregational meetings. Please plan to attend Sunday meetings on May 15 and May 22, following the services, so that you are part of these important decisions.

The Board approved several items:

  • The proposed Final Budget. The 2022 Canvass provided pledges of $226,000; the approved Final Budget, to be voted on by the Congregation, is $312,444. The difference is made up primarily with surplus carried forward, endowment monies, and a tax credit.
  • A motion to adopt the 8th Principle
    • For congregational discussion, May 15
    • For congregational vote, May 22
  • A motion to suspend sections of the Bylaws for FY beginning in July 2022 for the purpose of a trial run to streamline governance.
    • For congregational discussion, May 15
    • Related Bylaws changes or suspension, for congregational vote on May 22 
  • Consent agenda items: March financials reports; Share the Plate calendar 2022-2023; Minutes, March Board meeting; language changes in Manual of Policies & Procedures, Personnel Manual, and Covenant of Right Relations; language changes in Bylaws.

Of note:

  • Registration is open for the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly, and you can register to attend online. If you are interested in serving as a delegate, contact a member of the Board or Rev. Holly Brown.
  • Board will meet in closed session on May 12 regarding DRE announcement and responses.

The next Board meeting will be May 26, at 6:30 pm. Congregants are welcome to attend and to address the board. To do that or to receive the agenda contact President Brian Lee at