Board Notes

Welcome to our newest childcare provider, Zoie “Zeph” Miller-Nickel! Having three experienced workers to draw from will make scheduling much easier.

At the recent September meeting, the Board approved:

  • A proposal from the Director of Religious Exploration to begin planning a UUCT-hosted “Our Whole Lives” facilitator training for the spring or summer of 2023. The UUA trainer(s) would lead in-person sessions, with registration open to both local and regional participants.
  • Creation of a Developmental Minister search committee; its charge includes canvassing the congregation to refine our developmental goals.
  • Creation of a Director of Religious Exploration search committee.
  • Creation of a working group charged with organizing congregational conversations that lead to guidelines for the stewardship of our endowment accounts.
  • The consent agenda: Board minutes August 25 2022; five August financial reports; and confirmation of an email vote earlier this month approving a potential candidate for the Committee on Ministry (the candidate declined).

The board meetings in November and December are rescheduled for the third Thursdays of those months, instead of the fourth.

The next meeting is October 27 at 6:30. Congregants are welcome to attend, either to observe or to address the Board. To receive the zoom link and agenda or to be added to the agenda, contact President Kay Stuart-Tilley