An Honest Education is Democracy in Action

The first step to dismantling systemic racism is to guarantee that every American child is taught the authentic history of this country and not some white-centered version that selectively eliminates facts to avoid having the honest discussion that is sorely needed to bring about equity to American society.

Engaging students in a factual discourse of history allows students to see the world as it has evolved. It’s important that students comprehend how current conditions are linked to historical practices that have existed for over a century. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) deserve to see how the white majority has impeded their success and fulfillment.

Similarly, the white majority must face its role in this oppression and take responsibility. Recent attempts to censor what schools can teach about race and racism threaten to rob students of an accurate representation of history. We must reject laws that strip education as a tool of liberation for BIPOC students vulnerable to racial injustice. These students have been suffering a spectrum of oppressions ranging from discriminatory practices to not feeling seen or heard in limited, white-centered curriculums.

Students need to know about all the narratives that created America if we ever hope to realize the ideals we espouse as a nation. Advocating for a complete and truthful education for all students is one more thing UU’s can do to dismantle systemic racism.