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— by Melinda Stuart-Tilley, DRE

Monday and Thursday evenings, 6:30 pm – 8 pm, from May 10th to June 4th

Led by Maggi Horseman, Graduate Art Therapy student at Florida State University

Do you like art? Are you an adult or older teen who is looking for an opportunity to explore a creative outlet? Look no further! There is an amazing opportunity coming to UUCT, just for you!

In addition to her art therapy training, Maggi is working on an advanced level of dream analysis certification with the Assisi Institute, a Jungian educational center. She would like to help participants to learn to develop a personal relationship with their dreams in order to gain insight. Please call or write Maggi Horsemen to register for all eight sessions ahead of time. Contact: 863-280-0826 or MDH16D@my.fsu.edu.

Freethinkers’ Forum

“WWII” – “The German Offensive in the West” and “The battle of Great Britain” 

Tuesday, May 22, at 7:00 pm, Room L
Presented by: Irmin Allner

Program Information:
Dr. Irmin Allner will introduce and then show two 30 minute videos of lectures 6 and 8 in the lecture series. She will then lead the discussion that will follow the videos.
The video lectures in this series are given by Professor Thomas Childers, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, History department.

Lecture 6: “The German Offensive in the West”
The German Blitzkrieg in Western Europe in the spring of 1940 brought an end to the strange period of “phony war” that had prevailed in the west since September of the previous year. This lecture looks at English and French preparations for the anticipated attack and Hitler’s daring strategy, as well as the “miracle of Dunkirk” and the sudden and unexpected fall of France.

Lecture 8: “The Battle of Britain.”
A successful invasion of England hinged on establishing air superiority over both the English Channel and the planned landing zones in southern England. The colossal air battle that began in July 1940 would rage into October.and ultimately be won by the Royal Air Force. This lecture examines that crucial and decisive battle.
Irmin Allner, Ph.D.

Dr. Allner: Dr. Allner: was born in Germany in 1939 during the beginning of World War II.  Her hometown, Kassel, was heavily bombed by Allied by military forces.  She still remembers the many trips to bunkers and air-raid shelters during the attacks.  In 1968 she immigrated to Syracuse, NY where she earned a Ph.D.  Subsequently she earned a Master’s degree in Library Science.  In 2010, at the age of 70 she completed her third Master’s degree in English Literature at Texas A&M University, Kingsville and subsequently worked at the university as a librarian until she retired in 2011.