Solar panels on UUCT's education building
Solar panels on UUCT’s education building

The Green Sanctuary program proclaims our congregation’s commitment to the Earth. It gives roots and wings to the vision that, together, we can create a world in which all people make reverence, gratitude, and care for the living Earth central to their lives.

As a recognized Green Sanctuary, we live with a deep awareness of our climate crisis and the deep environmental injustices of our time. We commit to four practices, grounded in Unitarian Universalist principles:

  • Environmental Justice: We partner with marginalized communities who are hit first and hardest by environmental crisis. In partnering with these communities we are able to address human and environmental needs at the same time.
  • Worship and Celebration: As we work together towards a cleaner, more just and sustainable world, worship inspires our work and reminds us of what is most sacred and most true.
  • Religious Education: Our workshops and programs for all ages shape attitudes and build practices that are sustainable and spiritually-grounded.
  • Sustainable Living: We treat the world more gently by using fewer resources and being mindful of the choices we make, both as a congregation and as households.
Solar panel for lights in UUCT parking lot
Solar panel for lights in UUCT parking lot

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee became a certified Green Sanctuary in May 2006, a denominational designation bestowed upon congregations after undergoing a rigorous program of education, action and consciousness-raising. In April the following year, UUCT became the first church in the Tallahassee area to install solar panels, becoming an inspiration for other churches, businesses and schools to do the same. This 10 kilowatt system supplies most of the electricity needed to power the church’s education building.

UUCT is also part of the local Green Faith Alliance network, involving church leaders who are committed to fight environmental problems with a heightened concern for those more vulnerable populations. Steve Urse and Rosa Ramos Morgan are our UUCT representatives.

We invite all who share these values to join us on this journey of connection, sustainability, and hope. Contact Steve Urse or Ed Oaksford to get involved.

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