Our congregation elects Executive Board members at our annual spring meetings. These leadership positions are filled by volunteers. You can read more detail on Our Governance page.

To find out when and where the next meeting will take place, go to our Events page. Members and friends of the congregation are welcome to attend and to address the board.

Executive Board Members:


photo of Len Adams

“The Board is a great opportunity to practice Unitarian Universalist principles of human relationships.”

– Len Adams (he, him, his)


“I grew up in a Universalist Church in Massachusetts, so I have always looked for the UU church when we made one of our many moves. I didn’t always find one and I have attended other church denominations for the community they provided but my heart has always been UU. I am looking forward to serving on the Board during this challenging time not only for our church but for the larger community.”

Deborah Holt (she, her, hers)

Secretary – Vacant


“Serving on the Board at UUCT provides an opportunity for me to “pay it forward”.  UUCT is a place where I have a community of friends and many opportunities to work together to make a difference.”

Marty Beech (she, her, hers)

Member at Large

photo of Kay Stuart-tilley

“At Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee, my interests have been both vocational and theological. Unitarian Universalism gives me a theological space in which I can fearlessly question Christian orthodoxy, while remaining true to my progressive Christian convictions. Vocationally, UUCT offers a loving community among whom I have the opportunity to practice the work to which I feel called. In the coming year, this includes serving on the Executive Board.”

– Kay Stuart-Tilley (she, her, hers)

Member at Large

“I like serving on the UUCT Board because I like to assist with congregational individual input/output and enjoy discussing our issues at UUCT with others in our congregation. We are an outspoken bunch and that makes all our lives interesting. I learn from each interaction and each board meeting a little more about our business, the work that needs to be done, and each member or friend. It is a challenge in this epidemic environment; however, I believe everyone should have a voice in our decisions.  This past year has been a challenge and I expect this next year will be as well.” 

– Janet Temkin (she, her, hers)