MANNA – An Interconnected Web

connected web of people

It takes all five churches to make Manna work. Our shared mission is insuring our neighbors are able to prepare a meal. Each and every individual involved has an important role.


You, the individuals and you, the members of one of the five Manna churches making it possible to distribute food monthly to 250 families.  Your continuing financial contributions and product donations are essential.  Click here for a printable Manna grocery list.


The people we serve, our neighbors, who receive Manna distribution helping by:

  • returning cloth bags their vegetables are packed to be washed and reused
  • donating extra t-shirts to make more cloth bags
  • starting to work in garden again soon


Manna requires the work of at least 50 volunteers monthly:  

  • our Coordinator ( a volunteer) organizes inventory, schedules volunteers, and so much more
  • making of the cloth bags
  • picking up dry goods each month
  • packing 200+  bags of produce
  • packing 200+  grocery bags
  • assembling double bags
  • handling the distribution


St. Johns Episcopal and Faith Presbyterian churches each had ‘mission driven’ summer programs for Middle and High School students. For approximately 16 hours, students came to Manna, unloading trucks, making  double bags, packing  grocery bags, and helping make cloth bags. Growing volunteers to step into these roles is important.  

Thank you and please continue your support of this important ministry.