Plates of different vegetables Food for Thought — a healthier you, a healthier planet!


Did you know that by improving your health, you can actually improve the health of our planet to alleviate climate change? “How are these related?” you might ask.
Why are some of us healthy and full of life, while others are sick and tired all the time? Why do some foods energize us, while others make us feel bloated or actually cause harm to our bodies and the well-being of all of our planet’s inhabitants?

In 2008, the UUA General Assembly chose Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice for study and action, and then in 2011, a Statement of Conscience on Ethical Eating was adopted and published the  Ethical Eating Study Guide (PDF, 51 pages).

A few years later, a group of us at UUCT decided to gather once a month to discuss our diets and the impact our diets made on our bodies, the planet, the people of our earth, and on the animals used in food production. Using UUA’s Ethical Eating Study Guide as our main source, we viewed full-length movies and short videos, followed by discussions and sometimes a meal. However, when COVID descended upon us, we learned that our immune system is greatly impacted by the foods we eat.  We also heard that COVID was contributing to the breakdown in our food supply chain and that vulnerable populations, that is, people living in lower socioeconomic areas, people of color, older people, and people with pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, should be more concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on their bodies.

Therefore, we decided that not only would we meet on zoom, but we would place more of an emphasis on how to create healthy simple meals.  We would support and educate each other on how to optimize our health and the health of our planet, by discussing the kinds of meals that we are preparing and eating, both in our homes or at restaurants. Rather than viewing videos together, as we did in the past, we would share the poignant articles and books that we’ve read, and videos that we’ve seen that address this very important topic. We also share information about where best to buy our food, recipes we’ve tried, how to make and prepare healthy foods and also information about food waste.

We usually just pour ourselves a glass of our favorite beverages, gather up our favorite (but healthy) snacks, and log onto zoom, so that we can all learn together.  If you’re interested in joining us in your food journey, or if you have any questions, please contact Linda Oaksford at