Help the efforts of the Kearney Center by planning a menu and preparing the meals that we serve using their kitchen. Kathryn Schroeder is spearheading this effort to organize a meal preparation team of UUCT members, supporting friends, and guests. This team prepares the meals served by those that sign up to serve our regular lunch and dinner days at the Kearney Center.

kathryn schroeder kearney center

Serve Dinner – Every 2nd Monday, 6:50 pm
Serve Lunch – Every 3rd Tuesday, 11:15 am

To Serve Meals: You can sign up to serve at or contact Will Adkins to volunteer.

You can also help prepare the meals! 

Dinner Prep – Every 2nd Monday, 3:30 pm
Lunch Prep – Every 3rd Tuesday, 9:30 am

To Prepare Meals: Contact Kathryn Schroeder at

*Volunteers must be 16 years of age to work in kitchen.

As members, supporting friends, and guests of UUCT, we offer our help in serving lunch and dinner at the homeless shelter. We could always use more Volunteers (6 for Dinners, 5 for Lunches)!

The serving meals process is fairly easy, and you just show up at the Kearney Center (2650 Municipal Way) at the right time. Wear closed-toe shoes and a hat or other head covering. Go in the front entrance and tell the person at the front desk that you’re there to volunteer then head on back to the kitchen.

The Kearney Center mission is “to provide temporary emergency shelter and housing-focused services, with the goal of making homelessness rare, brief, and nonrecurring. In service to this mission, we are committed to providing a safe environment that promotes dignity and respect.”

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