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Centering BIPOC Voices is a monthly book discussion group with a specific purpose. The Centering BIPOC Voices book group reads books by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color authors. By reading non-fiction, fiction and memoirs we seek to better understand how racism and other forms of oppression affect all our lives. We expect better understanding will help us develop as anti-racists. 

Second Saturday of each month from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

If you wish to join one of the Second Saturday discussions contact Robin Gray, (email available in the church directory and from the office).

Centering BIPOC Voices Posts

  • January Read – Defund Fear: Safety Without Policing, Prisons, and Punishment

    We’ll start the New Year off right with the book selected as the UU Read for the year. Defund Fear: Safety Without Policing, Prisons, and Punishment by Zach Norris. Beacon Press writes: “In a time when the most powerful institutions in the United States are embracing the repressive and racist systems that keep many communities struggling and

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  • December Read – Ida B. the Queen

    On December 11 we’ll be discussing Ida B – The Queen. The book “tells the awe-inspiring story of a pioneering woman who was often overlooked and underestimated—a woman who refused to exit a train car meant for white passengers; a woman brought to light the horrors of lynching in America; a woman who cofounded the NAACP.

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  • Centering BIPOC Voices: An Online Book Group

    This group will read books, both fiction and non-fiction, by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) authors. The group will meet online through Zoom. When books are selected they will be announced to the entire congregation, along with the date of the discussion.  All books will be available in print and audio format, and

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