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Treasurer’s May Report to Congregation

Treasurer’s May Report to Congregation by Ev Anderson, Disbursing Treasurer, Budget Report 05-2019 To view the May Budget Report (budgeted income and expenses), click here. May saw an alarming drop off in pledge income. We took in just $11,454 in 2018-19 pledges. (The monthly target is $19,877). Total unpaid pledges are $32,402. Total income from all sources is

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Fiscal Year (FY) 2017-18 YEAR-END REVIEW by Ev Anderson Dispersing Treasurer We spent $9,373 more than we earned in 2017-18, due entirely to a shortfall in non-pledge income.  But we met virtually 100% of our pledge goal! 1.  Income and Expenses We budgeted $250,735 from all sources for 2017-18 but took in $240,165, a

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