Reunited – Rekindled

I’m happy to announce the theme of this year’s Canvass:  “Reunited – Rekindled!”

As we move forward cautiously but optimistically towards reuniting safely in our sanctuary, we look forward to rekindling the spark within our congregation. There will be more information and materials forthcoming from our Canvass Committee, but we will be focusing through the upcoming fiscal year on the work of the church. Your contributions have done so much to keep this Church going through difficult times, and as our asking budget will be ambitious, we are hoping that our membership will accept the challenge as we move towards updating and modernizing our sanctuary’s sound system and other technologies, making our campus safer and more secure, and compensating our excellent staff in a more equitable way while ensuring that they have the capacity to do their work in support of this congregation.

I am grateful for the work that our Executive Board, Committees, volunteers, and members have done to put together an asking budget that reflects the values and needs of our congregation. 

Brian Lee
President UUCT
Executive Board