UUCT Documents

UUCT Covenant of Right Relations
The Covenant is a guide to positive and respectful communications among congregation members.

UUCT Media Guide (May 2016)
The Media Guide is a resource for promoting UUCT events.

UUCT Manual of Policies and Procedures – September 16, 2017
This 104-page document guides church organization, outlines responsibilities of members and committees and covers other topics related to church business and programs.

UUCT Manual of Policies and Procedures Appendices

Appendix_1_Bylaws_Jul_17_2013 (2)

Appendix_2_Guidelines_for_Decisions_Oct_13_2011 (1)

Appendix_3A_Communication_Guidelines_Oct_13_2011 (1)

Appendix_4_Procedures_for_Adopting_Resolutions_Oct_13_2011 (1)

Appendix_4C_Resolution_re_Welcoming_Cong_Oct_13_2011 (1)

Appendix_5_Facility_Use_Agreement_and_Info_Oct_13_2011 (1)

Appendix_7_Safety_Policies_and_Proc_Oct_13_2011 (1)

Appendix 8 Staff and Personnel February 2017

Appendix_9_photo_authorization (1)

UUCT Bylaws
This document guides church governance, financing and administrative functions.

UUCT Fundraising Calendar

UUCT Canvass Documents

How to Make Pledge Payments