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Welcome to the 2020-21 canvass (pledge drive) of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee (UUCT)!  Every year we ask each member, supporting friend, and frequent visitor in the congregation to make a financial commitment (pledge) for the upcoming fiscal year so that UUCT can grow, nurture and support programs and ministries that matter to us and to our community.

marty and MaryAfter two years of budget increases supported by our generous congregation, we are “holding the line” on most church spending for 2020-21.  Any pledges above those in the current year’s budget will be devoted entirely to cost-of-living adjustments and raises  for our hardworking, talented and highly valued staff – in line with UUA guidelines.  It is thus important for all to match and some to better their pledges from the current year.  Of course, pledges in any amount are deeply appreciated in reaching our Asking Budget pledge goal of roughly $248,000.

Del 100th Birthday

As in prior years, you will join one of eight pledge teams whose goal will be 100% pledge participation.

Our canvass drive will officially begin with a potluck Sunday, and we will conclude it with a fulfilling communal meal to celebrate our full church coffers.  Appropriately, therefore, each team is named after a garden item grown with loving hands.

Have questions?  See our canvass Frequently Asked Questions and other links below.