We strive to provide worship experiences that offer intellectual stimulation, emotional comfort, and spiritual transformation: insight into truth and meaning; new knowledge of self, others, and the world; inspiration to act with compassion for peace, equity, and justice, and  with reverence for the interdependent web of all existence.

Sunday, February 25image.youth-leadership-program

11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities 

Empowerment, Passion, and Happiness

Worship Leader: TRYBE members Rehn Burner-Reeves, Samantha Ellrich, Riley Moore, Ethan Roberts, Alex Shanks, Colin Stanwood, Charlotte Stuart-Tilley

Lay leader: Melinda Stuart-Tilley, DRE

Board Member on Duty: Bob Deyle

In this wholly youth-led service, members of our youth group will discuss how and why they are empowered to pursue happiness.  Reflections will be offered on the nature of happiness, passion, and youth empowerment.

Sunday, March 4Me Too

11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities


Worship Leader: RevCharlotte Lehmann

Board Member on Duty: Maggie Bowden

Four and a half months ago, allegations of sexual harassment, assault and abuse against American film producer Harvey Weinstein precipitated a social justice movement to name what has been kept quiet for far too long. This morning, we will witness to the direct impact of these completely unacceptable behaviors perpetrated primarily on women and girls. While men and boys are impacted, too, more often indirectly than directly, our focus will be on naming the problem in women’s lives and providing both a witness and a space for healing.

Sunday, March 11side_with_love_horizontal_stacked

11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities

Side With Love

Worship Leader: RevCharlotte Lehmann

Board Member on Duty: Mariann D’Arcangelis

Recently, it was announced that the initiative originally known as “Standing on the Side of Love” has been re-branded to the simpler and less problematic “Side With Love. This change was brought about by UUs who are active in the disability community. How can UUCT continue to engage in the Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry (AIM), which is committed to the full inclusion of people with disabilities in our congregations, with the aim of becoming an AIM certified congregation? (sidewithlove.org)

Sunday, March 18climaterefugees-29

11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities

Immigration and Climate Change

Worship Leader: RevCharlotte Lehmann

Board Member on Duty: Leane Rhodes

Justice Sunday is an annual program highlighting the work of the UU Service Committee (UUSC). The theme this year focuses on climate forced migration and ways that UUs can take a stand for this issue at the intersection of human rights and environmental justice. (www.uusc.org/justice-sunday/)