Sunday, May 28

11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities


Service Leader: Charlotte Lehmann

Board Member on Duty: Terri Martin

Who is a hero? Who are your heroes? What makes a person a hero? What does your choice of heroes say about who you are and what you value?

Sunday, June 4

11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities

I Wonder

Lay-Leader: Kate Blizzard

Board Member on Duty: Terri Martin

Since the 1950’s, scientists have been combing the universe for signals indicating the existence of intelligent life. For almost 50 years, we have also been sending out signals of our own. Astrophysics and SETI – the search for extraterrestrial intelligence – are booming branches of science. So far the search has been fruitless. Does this mean that we are alone in the cosmos? Statistics and chemistry suggest otherwise, as does the vast distance for intelligible signals to reach us. This service explores these wonders, concluding with the latest news on potentially life-supporting planets that mankind may one day colonize.

Sunday, June 11

11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities

Taking Our Pulse

Service Leader: Charlotte Lehmann

Board Member on Duty: Jennifer Carver

On the one-year anniversary Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, we will remember this tragedy, consider the progress that has been made in the civil rights of queer people, and celebrate LGBTQI Pride month.

Sunday, June 18

11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities

True GRIT: Passion, Perseverance and Staying Power

Service Leader: Charlotte Lehmann

Board Member on Duty: Leanne Rhodes

For this Father’s Day service, we will consider the role of what sociologist Angela Duckworth calls GRIT in our being successful and productive people. True GRIT involves the character traits of passion, perseverance and staying power.

Sunday, June 25

11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities

Gather the Spirit

Lay-Leader: Elizabeth Richey

Board Member on Duty: Bob Deyle

Jim Scott, UU Musician, will lead a family-friendly worship with many of his original songs. He describes it as follows: “I call [it] “Gather the Spirit” after my song. With all I hear about folks feeling so divided and discouraged, it’s a real pick-me-up, raising of spirits. I do a lot of my own songs and some well known songs good for participation.”

Sunday, July 2RkLayers_BridgeRd_small

 11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities

Sharing Our Joys for What Endures in America

Service Leader: Bob Deyle

At a time when many of us are concerned about what is happening in our country, we would do well to heed Lao Tzu’s admonition to “know what endures.” Help us celebrate what endures in America by suggesting a reading, poem, meditation, prayer, song, or other music for the July 2nd Sunday service that expresses your joy for how our UU values can and will endure during these turbulent times.

Please send your suggestions to Bob Deyle by 8:00 pm June 20 at, or call him at 443-6657, complete the online form at, or use the form below and put it in Bob’s UUCT mailbox.

For poems, meditations, prayers, and readings, please indicate whether or not you would like to participate by reading your nomination. If you would like to write something original or perform a song or other piece of music, please contact Bob, who will be striving for a diversity of themes and modes. If you have a digital picture of a favorite place in America, send an image file (jpeg, giff, etc.) to Bob along with a description.