We strive to provide worship experiences that offer intellectual stimulation, emotional comfort, and spiritual transformation: insight into truth and meaning; new knowledge of self, others, and the world; inspiration to act with compassion for peace, equity, and justice, and  with reverence for the interdependent web of all existence.

Our weekly Sunday Service is at 11:00 am.  Nursery care begins at 9:30 am and continue throughout events, meetings, and activities that occur after the service.  Children and Youth activities begin at 11:15 am starting with the Children’s Recessional where they are welcome to participate by leaving the service to join the activities.

Sunday, April 28pexels-photo-1632790

Healing Earth, Healing Us

Worship Leader: Angel de Armendi

Board Member on Duty: Jennifer Carver

Do you remember a parcel of wildlife, a tree, or a patch of flowers in a neighbor’s garden that year after year brought a fuzzy feeling to your heart? Do you remember the sadness when it was suddenly gone? Due to clear cutting or natural disasters … let us honor the nature that witnessed our growth as human beings and rekindle its beauty.