Sunday, July 16

11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities

Great Tide Rising: Moral Courage in a Time of Climate Change

Worship Leaders: Susan Cerulean and Bob Deyle

Board Member on Duty: Jennifer Carver

Climate change is a matter of moral significance, reminds philosopher and nature essayist Kathleen Dean Moore. Using her new book, Great Rising Tide,  as a guide, we will share stories, poems, and music to lift ourselves from fear or despair about the future, to hope and action, for the sake of the Earth and all her children.

Sunday, July 23

11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities

Writing Toward Freedom –
The Making of Prison Wisdom

Guest in the Pulpit: Linda Crawford
Lay Leader: Bob Deyle

Board Member on Duty: Abby Turner

Have you ever had a moment of bliss – music that moved you, a walk in a silent forest? Time seemed to stand still. You felt an indescribable joy. Linda Crawford, our guest in the pulpit from the Buckman Bridge UU Church in Jacksonville, will explore how moments of bliss feel, how they have been described through history, what is happening in our brains when they occur, and whether they are more- or less-real than our everyday lives.

Sunday, July 30

11:00 AM Service, Children and Youth Activities

Spiritual Discernment

Guest in the Pulpit: Chandra Snell
Lay Leader: Trudy Deyle

Spirit (intuition, the universe, ultimate truth, God, or whatever language one might use) attempts to reach out to us in myriad ways to guide us toward what it is we are to do and to be in life. How might we attend to this voice and cultivate it, so that we recognize it more easily and so that it comes to us more readily? Finally, how do we live out what it tells us?