1132e63e-e6bc-4052-aee3-fb163bee684cNest Way Preparatory Academy

Our sister church in Kisii, Kenya, the Kisii
 Congregation, is working faithfully to educate young minds and hearts in Africa.  UUCT serves a supporting role in this worthy effort.

After seeing the division and even carnage that ideological extremism has created in Kenya, Justine Magara, the School Director of Nest Way Preparatory School set out to establish an education haven to combat these negative forces.  The school seeks to educate young people about the dangers of sexism, racism, and ideological myopia all the while promoting inclusion, equality, diversity, and democracy.

In School Master Justine Magara’s words, “As an educational institution in a pluralistic society we encounter an exciting challenge in our classrooms. We interact with diverse young people with whom we strive to create a classroom community where all can learn together in an equitable, challenging and happy way. The lessons we teach in Nest Way Preparatory School prepares students for life in our democratic society. What we teach affects not only our classrooms but our nation’s future as well. For us equality implies the following:

•    All people are truly valued and treated fairly.
•    People from diverse social groups are respected.
•    Social structures from our classrooms to our communities to the broader society are democratic and provide all people equitable opportunities.

Your generous support to this form of education will mean advancing peace to the world. “

In addition to focusing on matters of the heart, a primary focus of Nest Way Preparatory School will be excellence in academics.  Using a blended approach, education at the school will utilize both in person instruction as well as online supplementation, such as Khan academy resources.

Learn more at the Nest Way Preparatory Academy YouCaring site.