Music Program


Music provides a foundation for and an expanded view of the topics we address in Sunday Services. Under the direction of Music Director Angel de Armendi, choral and instrumental music augments congregational singing at every service.

The Music Committee offers a series of concerts for the general community. In addition, the church supports young artists by inviting their participation as guest artists in our Sunday services and other events.

For more details or if you are interested in participating in any of the music programs listed below, contact Angel de Armendi at (850) 241-3417 or by email at For email inquiries, please put UUCT Music Program in the subject line.

Vocal Production and Sight-Singing Using Sargam1377539_156628394547258_829750213_n

beginning Wednesday, June 5, 7:00 pm in Room L.  The last class will be August 14th.

SARGAM classes wont be happening June 26th and July 3rd.

Every Wednesday for the summer!

Sargam is an Indian musical system of assigning syllables to pitches. It is very similar to the Western Solfege system in that it is based on the major scale and that syllables are assigned to different notes of the scale to learn the notes and become fluent in reading music. Like the song “Do, re, mi” in the Sound of Music we will be learning this new set of syllables that originated in India through sacred scripture, very much like the Western system of Solfege. This class is open to anyone in the congregation who wishes to learn how to read music more fluently while also working on sound production and vocal technique.

Chalice Choir (On Hiatus for the summer)

Will resume on August 21, 2019.

Have you considered being part of this ministry? The heart of our ministry is the Intergenerational Chalice Choir. Joining the choir does not require any experience in singing, just a willingness to attend weekly rehearsals and be open-minded while learning a new skill — one that you may come to love! The health benefits of singing are well-documented, and finding a new church family is often heart-warming.

Singing Meditation

Ends May 28th then resumes again on August 20th

Meets every Tuesday at 9:30 am in the Sanctuary

Come join us in the Sanctuary for a synergistic interfaith spiritual practice of many forms of singing, chanting, and group observation of silence. The goal is to help each participant reach a place within themselves where they can connect with the Divine, their Inner Core, the Spirit of Life; wherever they find Peace. Led by Angel de Armendi, Music Director.